Tuesday, November 24, 2009


First some images of the last glacial extent (16000 BC). If anyone has any hi-res of these, especially the areas of the equator of that time, please hook me up. Especially Southern Japan islands, Bimini, you know the areas.

Anyone have a Southern Hem of this type following?
Following is 's a projection of the Piri Reis, compiled by an Arab cartographer in 1513 our calendar. It is matched up with a view from space to show the differences. Is it more similar to the approximated coast 16000BC? I wonder how well they take into account the sea level difference of 120 meters. Piri's map sources included recent sources like columbus, explaining the modern and clear little dots for Caribean Isles.
you can find this picture here: http://www.scotese.com/lastice.htmI have heard the red dot is near some points that stick out of the ocean nowadays, St Michaels or something. Anyone know about this? Photos? Sonar?
Piri's mountains.

The old equator? When was this? Can anyone corrolate the ice age extent and the equator?

some text by the arabs involved in the compilation.
Lots of the world's mysteries.

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